If you’re going to learn electronics, you might as well learn it in service to something fun. And if you’re going to learn to DJ, you might as well learn something practical along with it. Because let’s face it — you probably aren’t the one-in-a-million performer who becomes Deadmau5 or Marshmello or somebody else in a giant oversized helmet.

Even if you’re destined for fame and riches as an EDM god, there’s plenty of cool knowledge and smart skills to develop with this Jay-D: Build and Code Your Own DJ Mixtable kit.

Created by Circuitmess, this project includes all the components and training needed for any wannabe tinkerer to actually build and program their own working DJ mix station. With Jay-D, creators can make and mix music just like a real DJ, manipulating tracks, creating different sounds and sound effects, and governing the beat and tempo as the center of the show.

This mix table is stacked with all the same basic functions of a table you’d buy in a store, including two simultaneous playback slots, BPM control, sound equalizers and effects, a class-D amplifier, two 5W speakers, and an on- board display for regulating it all.

In addition to all the knobs, dials, faders, casings, and other pieces, the kit also comes with an easy-to-follow, yet thorough build guide to walk creators through the entire process. On the hardware side, builders learn how to solder, how to assemble digital sound components, and more.

As for software, the Jay-D plugs into a laptop or desktop computer so users can code the Jay-D in CircuitBlocks, it’s our custom-made beginner-friendly code editor similar to Scratch. With it, builders can understand what sound waves are and how to produce them with computers, how digital audio systems handle complex tasks like compression, and how to code custom sound effects into the Jay-D.

Plus, the whole thing comes with 144 individually controllable LEDs on board for designing a customized light show for all your DJ sessions.

Right now, you can score the full kit to build your own Jay-D DJ Mixtable for just $119.95. You can also step up to a collection that also includes a soldering iron and all the other tools needed to build the Jay-D for only $144.95.

Prices subject to change.


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