Meant as the ideal replacement to the previous DDJ-400, the DDJ FLX4 DJ setup not only keeps just about everything that works but also builds on it further. As a result, this 2 channel DJ controller has become a true successor, taking great steps forward that make it worth getting for newcomers and even transitioning old DJ gearheads and veterans alike.

How Good is The Pioneer DJ DDJ FLX4 DJ Controller

Simply put, the DDJ FLX4 is a great controller and a serious inclusion in the Pioneer DJ range and certainly something you do not want to overlook if you are at the entry-level DJ point. It is an excellent 2 channel DJ controller. Beginner DJs will be able to learn the fundamentals of Serato DJ Lite, Serato DJ Pro, and rekordbox. The professional layout of the controls makes it easy to learn to DJ and has been passed down from pprofessional Pioneer DJ products.


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Pioneer DJ DDJ FLX4: First Impressions

As mentioned before, the Pioneer DJ DDJ FLX4 DJ controller was created as the replacement for Pioneer DJ’s DDJ-400.

This, as a result, has created a DJ controller setup with 2 channel faders that will be very familiar to the previous DJ controller, allowing most people that plan to play or perform using it to have a fair base when starting.

Taking a look right out of the box, the DDJ FLX4 comes across as a fairly simplistic DJ controller.

It comes with only two channels and has a tremendously reduced mixer section that actually makes it easier to jump into without sacrificing too many features and options.

The DDJ FLX4 has a pair of jog wheels that, while not incredible, don’t do anything offensive or difficult to connect with. Still, if you were expecting something like fun lights or an on-screen display window, you’ll be disappointed.

The DJ controller also includes two sets of eight performance pads. The pads are rubberized while also having a notable “click” sound when pressed.

dj ddj flx4

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In terms of the DJ controller’s build, the DDJ FLX4 comes in a plastic casing that is a bit more appealing compared to the DDJ-400. Here, the corners are more rounded while jog wheels (while small) have a matte finish.

From an overall visual design, most of the DJ controller’s look is going to be pretty similar to what you got with the 400. It has a darker gray color compared to the DDJ-400’s more all-black design, but other than that, if you’re a fan of the DDJ-400, you’ll be a fan of the DDJ FLX4.

Hardware – USB Connection

In terms of the hardware look, you’ll notice that the 2-channel DJ controller comes with USB bus audio output options along with two separate sockets.

One port is for powering up the DJ controller while the other is meant for connecting to your computer.

Despite its different USB bus cable options, the Pioneer DJ DDJ FLX4 offers a USB power adapter. This means you won’t need to rely solely on your USB cable to draw power unless you’re planning to connect your phone at the same time.

There’s also the USB audio output option for connecting a microphone via the mic input.

This is possible through the same USB audio output option, making it great for live streams, Beatport Link streaming, Beatsource streaming, and similar streaming services as well as audio recordings as you won’t need an additional DJ mixer to keep everything working properly ( something even the DDJ-400 needed).

Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX4

Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX4


  • Cross Fading & Beat Matching Easier
  • Great user friendly
  • Serato & rekordbox compatibility
  • Great sound quality
  • Works Well With Streaming Services


  • No external inputs or outputs
  • Only 2 channels

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DJ Software & Features

Now that we’ve had a chance to check out the DDJ FLX4 2-channel DJ controller from a visual and hardware standpoint, let’s take a minute to check out what it has going for it in terms of its different features and DJ software inclusions.

All in all, you’ll notice that the FLX4 really is just a better version of the DDJ-400. While not quite there in terms of reaching a “professional level” of use, the Pioneer DJ DDJ FLX4 is incredibly user-friendly while also having some impressive sound quality.

It contains all of the standards and expected features (three-band EQ, deck VUs, gain controls per channel, etc.) while also coming with a couple of add-ons, both of which are worth mentioning here, the DDJ FLX4 is the DJ device that is certainly worth your time

Smart CFX

One of the first things worth paying attention to with the Pioneer DJ DDJ FLX4 is the inclusion of the Smart CFX feature.

This is a useful way to combine different EQ effects to create different sound combinations that would otherwise be incredibly difficult to perform on your own.

As an example, certain combinations will completely cut the music while others will work to increase and enhance it. Virtually all of these combos sound great and can give you a legitimate leg up over other DJs performing to the same crowds.

Smart fader feature

pioneer ddj flx4

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Another cool feature of the DDJ FLX4 2-channel DJ controller that makes it stand out is the smart fader. This neat inclusion allows you to basically blend just about any two tracks together even if the genre or BPM isn’t as locked in with each other as they otherwise should be.

Once engaged, the smart fader automatically adjusts and begins working to match the beat. Then, as you’re slowly bringing the crossfader along, the unit will begin syncing the two tracks together and effectively “forcing” the BPM of both songs to match.

This works to create a smoothly blended design without you needing to do nearly as much on your end. It also drops the bass volume out of the old track while simultaneously adding a bit of an echo as one song disappears into the other.

While diehard purists may hate this issue, I’m of the mindset that anything that makes my job easier as a DJ is automatically a plus. Still, there are certainly some that will argue that this gets rid of any need to learn beat matching, which can certainly be a problem for beginners.

Overall performance

What We Like

  • Smart CFX Helps Create Unique Sound Combos
  • Smart Fader Feature Makes CrossFading & BeatMatching Easier
  • Great user friendly
  • Great sound quality
  • Compatible with Streaming Services
  • Works With Serato DJ Lite, Serato DJ Pro & rekordbox
  • Built-in sound card (audio interface)

What We Don’t Like

  • Only 2 channel DJ controllers
  • Pads & Other Inclusions Are More Limited
  • No external inputs or outputs

flx4 dj controller

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DDJ-FLX4: The Verdict

In general, while the Pioneer DJ DDJ FLX4 isn’t a perfect or “pro-made” DJ controller, it is an incredibly useful and capable DJ controller that considerably builds off of everything that the DDJ-400 put in place.

If you’re an entry-level DJ and want a viable option for at least the next 5 years, this is easily a top priority worth considering.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX4

The Pioneer DJ DDJ FLX4 DJ controller has a built-in sound card (audio interface), works with all types of computer and software options, able to use Serato DJ Lite, Serato DJ Pro, and rekordbox. It offers multi-device compatibility while also working on tablets, iPhones, and android phone devices alongside streaming services.


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