Tell us about yourself as one of the faces behind Turn Up Columbus?

I’m Leanne O’Donnell, I have been the office manager and wedding expert at Turn Up Columbus for over two years. I’m the person at the end of every inquiry and email. I also have years of experience as a wedding coordinator and have experienced firsthand the importance of a great wedding DJ. I seek to give you a great customer service experience so you know that you’re important and your wedding day matters to us.

What should readers know about your business?

Turn Up Columbus offers unique, affordable DJ/emcee services in Central Ohio. We seek to give every couple a stress-free, cheese-free, dream wedding day that won’t break the bank.

What sets you apart from other DJ companies?

We’re unique because we take the time to get to know every one of our couples. We create a customized playlist for every wedding. We provide excellent customer service. We treat your wedding like it’s the most important day of our life, because it’s the most important day of yours.

Turn Up Columbus DJ Drea behind the turntable

What can engaged couples expect when working with Turn Up Columbus?

They can ask questions at any time and expect a fast response time and helpful answers. They can expect to work with a DJ who is professional, knows music, knows weddings, and is a fantastic emcee.

What is something you wish more clients knew about wedding music?

I wish clients knew the importance of a good wedding DJ. The DJ has the ability to build atmosphere and mood for your reception. They can keep the timeline flowing and cause your guests to stay longer. For a great wedding, the DJ must be a good emcee; playing music isn’t enough.

Who should dismiss tables for dinner?

Always check to see what the caterer prefers, because many times they like to do it themselves. If they don’t care, a planner or day-of coordinator is the next best option. If there isn’t one, then it goes to the DJ. They shouldn’t interrupt the music, but should go to each table to dismiss them.

Do I have to pick every song that will be played?

If you have a good wedding DJ, then no. You should be able to tell the DJ what kind of music you like, and they should create a playlist just for you. You do need to pick out special songs for first dances and entrances, however.


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