You can hire either a live band or a DJ for your reception entertainment. There’s an option for every budget, and they all have their pros and cons. What’s the best option for you? From your favorite music to the size of your venue, it depends. Find out more by reading on!

1. Consider these aspects.

mood: It is important to select music that will complement your wedding theme and set the tone. Often, it’s the thing people remember most. Choosing the right music genre for your ambiance will depend on your personality and the effect you want to create. Do you want to create a romantic string quartet or a ’70s disco? Rockabilly or big band throwback?

Space: Is an eight-piece band your thing? Check first to see if your venue has any restrictions on the number of musicians or equipment you can bring and if there are any power or noise restrictions.

budget: DJs usually cost less, and the price varies depending on what equipment you need and whether it’s a weekday or weekend. There are different prices for different types of bands based on the number of musicians, the duration of the performance, the day of the week, and the time of the year.

Variety: Make sure your wedding band or DJ plays slow and fast songs, along with classics and modern hits, to get everyone up and dancing.

2. The pros and cons of a live band.

pros:An epic and captivating live band will turn any room into an electric one. Whether you’re into outstanding vocals, rocking drums, or groovy bass, a band’s spirited performance will get anyone dancing.

So, live bands do mashups better than anyone else. The perfect medley will always surprise your guests, whether it’s music from the 90s or Motown classics mixed with hip-hop beats.

Furthermore, every time a band performs, their set is unique in some way and won’t be repeated. There will be something for everyone, even if they don’t dance. In spite of the fact that many wedding bands specialize in one genre, most have a repertoire for everyone.

Then there’s also the possibility of a DJ set from a band member. After the band finishes playing, you can still dance to all of your favorite tunes even if you don’t hire a DJ.

cons: It’s usually more expensive to hire a wedding band than a DJ. Paying more people is the main reason. You’ll also need enough space to accommodate the equipment and at least 3-4 musicians.

There are usually 100 songs or more in a band’s repertoire, but you won’t have as much choice as a DJ who has access to just about any song ever made. In most cases, bands will learn your first dance song, but other songs they play will come from their repertoire.

Last but not least, wedding DJs can keep the party going until midnight, but bands have set times with breaks. However, each cover band plays DJ music throughout the evening, so there’s no need to worry about being left in silence!

2. The pros and cons of a DJ.

pros: It’s usually cheaper to hire a DJ than a wedding band. Pro DJs can adapt their sets at any moment and work the room. Should things not go well with the 90s house mix, they can switch it up with an old-school disco.

You can keep your guests dancing with an uninterrupted party mix thanks to a DJ. Also, now that so many venues have sound limiters, the volume can make a difference. Bands may have trouble playing at certain levels, but a DJ can just turn the volume down as needed.

Finally, a wedding DJ is a great option if venue space is an issue. Using a DJ booth, lighting system, and speakers, a DJ can customize their set-up to fit your needs.

cons: Live music brings energy to a room, but if your guests aren’t into it, a DJ won’t be able to do the same. DJs might not be as original as live bands that offer their own style. Personality and charisma are things professional DJs bring, but it’s often down to each DJ.

3. Wedding DJ vs band (or both?)

You can get the best of both worlds if you have the budget for a live wedding band and a DJ. There’s nothing quite like the energy and charisma of a live music band, but a DJ has a vast array of tunes to choose from.

That’s it! You’re one step closer to hiring your wedding band or DJ! Your set list comes next! While your band or DJ will handle most of the music, you’ll want to end the night with a special song!


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