Martin Mitchell, also known as DJ Smally, has started giving one-on-one practical DJ lessons from his home in Eastwood.

Martin will tutor his pupils in the art, teaching them how to mix their favorite tunes and produce the best quality sounds using a variety of specialist equipment.

The 42-year-old, who is an engineer by day and disc jockey by night, said: “I’ve been doing it for years myself and I love it, it’s my hobby and my passion.

Martin Mitchell has started his own ‘learn to DJ classes’ in Eastwood.

“Someone said to me “have you ever thought about teaching it?” and it made me think.

“I had a young girl come to me to learn and now she’s doing her own house parties and everything – she loves it. And I thought to myself ‘I can actually do this’.

“I do a lot of live streams myself and I thought teaching it to others might be a good thing to do on the side.”

Martin has converted his own garage into a studio fit for purpose, with all the equipment a DJ needs.

DJ Smally in the mix during one of his live streams.

His private sessions will cover all the basics of the craft, including beat-matching and turntables.

He said: “In the lessons, you’ll learn how to use the RecordBox software, how to beat-match and how to upload tracks from your computer to a portable device so you take it to gigs and parties.

“Then if you really want to go oldskool, you can learn how to use turntables and vinyl – the hard way like I learned.

“A lot of the other courses I’ve seen on offer are all online.

“But I really like to see how people progress and grow – it’s so much more personal this way.”

Martin taught himself the tricks of the trade when he was a teenager and has been in love with the hobby ever since.

He added: “I probably drove my mum mentally playing the same two records over and over again until I got it right.

“I now want to help people get started on their journey and if I saw them becoming successful, I’d be buzzing.”

The DJ is offering a free, 30-minute introductory session for anyone interested in “giving it a go”.


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