We are narrowing down the stages of selecting a wedding venue. Unfortunately, I feel like our guest list keeps growing every time we look at it! One thing we know for sure: the goal for our wedding is for us and our guests to have a good time…and with as little stress as possible. What do you need in order to have a good time? Well, where we’re at in the process now, good music. I’d LOVE to have a band perform at our wedding because we are both such live music junkies, but the DJ is probably the most economical choice.

When I was originally looking at bands, I could easily tell who I’d like to have perform because 1) they have videos posted on social media of their performances, as well as people tagging them in videos and 2) festivals would book the bands , and I’d look to see which festivals I trusted would book these bands. Not to mention, a lot of bands have concerts throughout the year, especially during county fair and church festival season. My question is: how do you know which DJ to pick?!

I can look at videos they post online, but if they’re just playing a song from their speakers, how do I actually know they’re good? I’ve been reading reviews, looking at the quality of websites and much more. I’m not quite sure I can tell a difference in a lot of them. I want someone with a great personality that can liven the venue up when needed (during the grand march or announcements). Do you have any recommendations or tips?!


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