The first dance, followed by the “father/daughter” and “mother/son” dances, kicks off the set. Often this will be pre-chosen by the happy couple, so the best advice is stick to the plan and don’t curveball the dancefloor with a gabber edit of Etta James. It will seem a lot less funny when an angry bride is launching heels in your direction, despite how wild the toddlers are moving. If it’s left down to you, the best bet is going gentle and romantic, let the couple indulge in the warm embrace of a slow dance, before you turn the dial up to hot with ensuing selections.

But note, for as much as these are typically slow Monster Ballads – I’ve used Extreme’s 1991 hair metal anthem ‘More Than Words’ on more than a few occasions – there are also those people who are like to switch up the tradition.

James Nasty recalls: “I once DJ’ed a wedding ceremony and reception based around the theme of UGK and Outkast’s ‘International Players Anthem’. When the couple told me their idea, I laughed. Yes, the song’s video is at a wedding, but, the song itself (which includes a groom being asked to reconsider marriage, while at the altar), well, it’s not describing exactly the best wedding. But, I was hired to do a job,” Nasty says with a smile in his voice. “I found a club edit of the UGK track by Cobra Krames and spun into it after the original’s open. The couple slowly danced to Andre 3000 and Pimp C, then everyone hit the floor. I don’t think anyone, save me, listened to the lyrics, but wow. what a party.”


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