A WEDDING planning account has shared their top tips for the big day, including advise on music and DJs.

Laura, who posts on TikTok as @myweddingwhizz, uploaded a video detailing handy wedding hacks to know.


Laura shared three handy tips for when it comes to wedding planningCredit: TiktokShe gave advise on how to keep guests dancing all night long


She gave advise on how to keep guests dancing all night longCredit: Tiktok

She captioned it: “What guests really love at a wedding.”

Users shared their advice for when it comes to the music in the evening.

A DJ commented on his great invention for including a wide range of songs on the night.

He said: “I’m a wedding DJ and I have an app I give to clients – so add music and share with guests then I know all the music is picked by people at the wedding.”

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Another user had a great idea for including everyone on the dance floor.

They said: “Another way I’m getting our guests involved, I’ve asked all of them to request a song that will get them dancing at the reception.”

The wedding planner also gave some handy advice for when it comes to booking bands and playing music.

She said: “Be sure that you do your research and you book someone that’s going to keep the dance floor hopping all night long.”

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In the clip Laura also shared her top tips for other parts of the big day.

She said: “Here are three things that your wedding guests will actually notice on your big day and you may want to consider spending a few extra bob on them.”

The page highlighted the importance of the food and drink served during the cocktail hour directly after the ceremony.

Talking about the grub, she said: “If you have a long gap between your wedding ceremony and sit down meal consider this when looking at food options.


“You would want to consider the timeline from when you actually get married to when you’re having a sit-down meal.

“This will determine if finger food is substantial enough.”

It is suggested that if there is a long gap between the service and the meal, it might be a good idea to provide sliders or snacks to substitute for lunch.

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The wedding page also suggested that those getting married offer different options when it comes to the main meal.

Laura said: “If you have the budget, a variety is great. 2-3 choices, people love.”

Users took to the comments to suggest their own tips for when it comes to wedding music


Users took to the comments to suggest their own tips for when it comes to wedding musicCredit: Getty Images-Getty


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