Viral Video Today: Desis love dancing to Punjabi songs at weddings, only true Punjabi know the lyrics of the songs, others just enjoy dancing to the peppy beats and screaming ‘O Ho Ho Ho Ho’ in the middle. So who would expect a foreigner to know the lyrics of a Punjabi song so well that he is confidently singing them while dancing to it.Also Read – Viral Video: Women Steal The Show As They Belly Dance On Oo Antava And Tip Tip Barsa Pani. Watch

A video of a British man is going crazy viral where he could be seen grooving to a Punjabi song at an Indian wedding in the UK. The video was shared on Instagram by the user ‘imjustbesti’ and originally posted on TikTok by DJ Will Reed. It has received over 1.4 million views and 121k views. “Don’t invite the Gora to the wedding they said…”, the text over the video said. Also Read – Viral Video: Girls in Black Sarees Dance to ‘Bandook Chalegi’, Netizens Shower Love | Watch

In the clip, the British man from Birmingham could be seen dancing with Indians at a Punjabi wedding. DJ Will Reed had a drink in his hand that was spilling as he did bhangra to the song Naag by Jazzy B. While grooving to the song, the man could be seen singing the Punjabi lyrics perfectly at the top of his lungs. Also Read – Viral Video: Uncle Dances To Dil Na Diya Almost As Well As Hritik Roshan, Impresses Netizens. Watch


The British man looked like he was thoroughly enjoying himself while dancing with desis to Punjabi songs, a vibe that you can’t find at Christian weddings. Netizens loved the guy’s love for Punjabi music and commented saying they would love to invite him to their wedding too. “Dave turned into Davinderpaljeet,” a user commented. “Bruh I’d invite him to mine just for that,” another user wrote.


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