Being a wedding DJ is more than pressing play. Why? Well, couples can hit play on their phones and have a Spotify playlist blasting on a venue’s speaker systems. With music being readily available through streaming services, DJs can up their game and provide a unique experience for couples and guests.

I owned a wedding DJ company and have performed at hundreds of weddings. I now work with wedding DJs, engaged couples and wedding professionals to find songs for their weddings. Here’s what you can do to set your wedding DJ business up for success.

Perfect Your Mixing Skills

As a DJ, you must set yourself apart from your competition and playlist creators. Knowing how to quick mix and beat mix can differentiate you from many of your competitors. This comes down to always practicing! Know your music so that you can mix songs no matter the BPM (beats per minute). So, plan your playlist of popular songs and know what songs mix great together. Then, watch how guests react and make adjustments accordingly.

Up Your Social Media Game

How does a wedding couple know your DJ style? Can you get guests out on the dance floor having a good time? Wedding DJs can answer these questions by sharing their mixing skills with a packed dance floor via TikTok and Instagram reels. One influencer and wedding DJ who shares his wedding performances online is Nick Spinelli, who has garnered such a large following that many guests and couples attend his events for the potential of going viral.

Another skill to share on social platforms is mixing two unexpected songs together. This could be done at your home studio for a quick clip or during a live Twitch show. You could also share your sample mixes on Mixcloud that you can embed on your website.

Create A Custom Experience

First, having a professional DJ booth signifies that you care about how your customer’s event looks. This could include a light-up facade to hide all of the DJ equipment, a modern podium DJ booth, or a DJ booth that features a monitor to showcase the couples’ names and photo montage.

Don’t have lights that shine in everyone’s eyes. Instead, create a fun and romantic atmosphere with DJ uplighting and light bars. Consider offering add-ons like dancing on the clouds for couples’ first dances and a CO2 cannon for added fun. Strive to be different, not better.

The Rolling Stone Culture Council is an invitation-only community for influencers, innovators and creatives. Do I qualify?

Consider a Wedding Professional Referral Team

You can’t, and you shouldn’t, do it all yourself. Consider having a music DJ and a master of ceremonies team ready for any event. One can be mixing the playlist while the other is making announcements, prepping the wedding party introductions and guiding guests to the food line.

If you do not offer popular wedding services, consider teaming up with other professionals in your area who are known wedding professionals. You can book the service under your own contract or outsource directly to other vendors. Services like photo booth rentals, uplighting, videography, photography, day-of wedding coordinator, etc., can offer more benefits to your wedding couples.

Become a Wedding Music Expert

Every engaged couple is unique in the music styles they like. So much so that each member of the wedding party could have a different view of what is a good song. Grow your knowledge of popular songs not only in eras but by genres. Know what’s popular right now by checking charts on Billboard, iTunes and TikTok. As the founder and editor of the song site My Wedding Songs, I recommend you research popular wedding songs online and shared playlists on DJ Facebook groups.

Collaborate With Other DJs

Last but not least, find a fellow DJ who is not only a mentor but more importantly a collaborator. A wedding DJ business owner who is an inspiration to me is Mary Nisi of Toast & Jam in Chicago. She has grown her business by being different and understanding the needs of wedding couples. Nisi not only harnessed her professional wedding DJ skills but also built a successful DJ company.

Collaborating with other successful DJs can be vital for growing your business expeditiously and creating a plan to reach your goals. If you are an expert DJ, I hope this inspires you to give back to the DJ community too!

There are no do-overs for a wedding. A DJ cannot “rewind” a song that was mistakenly played or take back a misspoken last name. Being a professional DJ really does mean something to engaged couples. Take the time to learn your craft and what your customers want. It will show in your bottom line.


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