Young Bedfordians can get their groove on this term at two new weekly sessions launched by Bedford Music Hub.

Bedford Rock School will run on Thursdays and Digital Beats, a DJ school, will take place on Wednesdays.

Workshops will take place at Castle Newnham school and are open to students aged 12-18 with some previous experience and who are grade three or above.

Ben Garraway from The Sound Garage will run the Rock School. He said: “There is a missing link between learning by yourself and being a successful musician.

“We are hoping to bridge that gap, give students the opportunity to meet other like-minded musicians and at the same time teach them lots of important skills that will help them in the real world or get a place at college or university.”

He added: “The new equipment provided by the Hub and the facilities at Castle Newnham School are brilliant. We’ve purchased some new electronic drum kits and backline equipment which means we can offer places to 30-40 students to start with.

“We’re hoping to work closely with Bedford Music Hub, local venues, private music teachers, school music departments and Bedford Music Co-op.”

The Thursday Rock School sessions will run from 6pm – 7.30pm and are open to guitarists, bassists, and drummers. From January, singers and keyboard players will be able to join.

In addition to delivering weekly sessions and termly concerts there will be masterclasses and jam nights that are open to everyone.

The Digital Beats classes start in September and are run by Music Hub partner Musical Seeds. They will also be held at Castle Newnham school and run from 6pm – 7.30pm on Wednesdays. Classes are open to 9-16-year-olds.

Musical Seeds want to make DJing more accessible for young Bedfordians. Students will learn to DJ using controllers and turntables. There will also be local performance opportunities.

Director of Musical Seeds, Mark Louisy, said: “This is a really fantastic time for young people and music education locally.

“Having weekly sessions where they can learn how to DJ, mix, scratch and sample as well learn the principles of music.

“DJing is now widely accepted as a musical instrument, with students able to perform at GCSE level and our tutors are keen to share their skills and knowledge to develop the next generation of DJs.”

Bedford Rock School and Digital Beats will also collaborate in termly concerts, masterclasses and jam nights that anyone can come to and support.

To sign up for either Bedford Rock School or Digital Beats email [email protected] or phone 01234 718088.

There will be a termly charge of £50 for Rock School and £60 for Digital Beats. Discounts are available for those who qualify.

For more information on the Rock School visit here.

For information on Digital Beats and Rock School visit here.

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