MANCHESTER CITY star Jack Grealish has revealed he is learning to become a DJ.

Grealish, 27, has been open about his love to party when he’s not on the pitch and showed why he’s called “Jack the Lad” last summer when he celebrated City’s Premier League title in Ibiza and Las Vegas.


Manchester City star Jack Grealish admitted he is learning how to DJCredit: BT SportJack Grealish even revealed he came up with a new nickname for his next career


Jack Grealish even revealed he came up with a new nickname for his next careerCredit: BT SportJack Grealish spoke to former Love Island participant Josh Denzel


Jack Grealish spoke to former Love Island participant Josh DenzelCredit: BT Sport

The versatile forward also declared he would be a club promoter in Spain if he didn’t make it as a professional football player.

And it looks like the England international is preparing to cross over to that area, perhaps after he hangs up his boots.

That is why the 27-year-old is trying to learn how to DJ, and even came up with the nickname of “DJ Greal-O”.

The City star, though, admitted during an interview with former Love Island participant Josh Denzel he is currently “awful” at it but won’t give up as he wants a new hobby.

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Grealish told BT Sport: “Mate, do you know what? You know me. Actually, I like every type of music. I’m actually trying to start, I’m trying to learn to DJ at the moment.”

Denzel cut in: “Jack Grealish the DJ, yeah?”

Grealish responded: “Yeah, DJ Greal-O. Nah, I don’t know what name [it] is.”

Denzel asked: “How good are you at DJing? Because I tried and I gave up.”


Grealish said: “I am awful, I am awful but everything takes time, doesn’t it? I’m trying to learn Spanish as well. Spanish in a brummy accent, yeah.

“But I just want like, do you know what it is? I want to try and learn some stuff outside of football and have like a hobby and stuff.

“I watch a few stuff on TV but when I thought about it, I don’t actually do a lot of stuff outside of football.

“So I want to learn to do some stuff. People say DJing, and once you get the hang of it – obviously it takes a lot of time – but it’s something that you can really enjoy.”


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