Ever since its release in February this year, the song Pasoori has become a hit across the Indian subcontinent. Sung by Pakistani artists Ali Sethi and Shae Gill and featured on Season 14 of Coke Studio, the song has got a huge appreciation worldwide and celebrities from India and abroad are always seen grooving to the peppy tunes of the folk song. Now, Indore-based DJ Vaibhav is experimenting with the fusion of folk and EDM art to create a power-packed Bollywood remix of “Pasoori”.

Pasoori’s exclusive remix by DJ Vaibhav, according to insiders, would have the perfect blend of classical and western sounds. His rendition of the song would be backed with electronic beats and infectious energy throughout.

When American singer and songwriter Britney Spears reposted the groovy music on her Instagram while creating a button dosa, it spurred DJ Vaibhav to create a Bollywood remix of Coke Studio’s Pasoori. He is ready to release his most awaited remix this week at Retro Sunday, Indore’s legendary weekend party.


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