The Boston Police Department’s shore unit saved the day for a stranded groom stuck on the mainland the day of his wedding, which was on an island.

Patrick Mahoney and Hannah Crawford were married at the Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center on Saturday. However, in the time leading up to the wedding the groom, his groomsmen, the wedding’s DJ, and the florist became stranded on the mainland because of a mechanical issue with the boat that was to ferry them.

Denise Holden, director of event sales for Thompson Island, contacted the Boston Police Department’s shore unit to ask for help, reports The Boston Globe.

Officer Joseph Matthews took the group on a department vessel to Thompson Island, arriving in enough time to prevent the wedding from being delayed.

“It was good to get a nice call for a change and help people out,” says Matthews. “They seemed happy, and we were happy we could do it. It all worked out.”


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