A TikTok of a prom king and queen’s winning dance is going viral for all the wrong reasons.

The clip — which was uploaded by user Celeste Orozco on Thursday and already has 16 million views — captured the moment the DJ played Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” for the selected royalty.

“When your legs don’t work like they used to before,” Sheeran sings in the song’s opening line.

But prom-goers audibly cringed at the 2014 smash hit’s lyric as prom queen Sarah Mendenhall sat in the middle of the dance floor — in a wheelchair.

“This would haunt me the rest of my life if I were the DJ,” Orozco wrote on top of the scene, which has over 2.8 million likes and 44,900 comments.

“The DJ knew exactly what he was doing,” one user wrote, with another weighing in, “That’s f–ked up bro.”

“He said ‘hold up I got the perfect song,'” another joked.

“The DJ was slipped a $20 to play that by the girl who came in second place,” another guessed.

“THERES NO WAY,” one said.

“Personally would’ve walked out,” another stated.

“Im a wedding DJ.. also,” one user admitted. “We can’t know every lyric to every song but damn.”

“I FORGOT THE SONG BEGAN LIKE THIS,” one commenter, who another claimed was the DJ in the video, said.

The DJ played “Thinking Out Loud” for the dance, with the opening line “When your legs don’t work like they used to before.”@celesteiliana__Prom queen in wheelchair TikTokAlthough the Ed Sheeran hit is a popular choice at dances and weddings, it was an unfortunate choice for this specific occasion. @celesteiliana__

“I would have been so embarrassed and just cried and left. I’m hoping this didn’t ruin her night,” another user sympathized.

Thankfully, that wasn’t the case.

“Hey everyone so this is me lol,” Mendenhall wrote. “I found it really funny and ironic. I didn’t know what was playing until way after cause I was tryna ✨dance✨.”

Prom queen in wheelchair TikTokThe crowd audibly disapproved of the DJ’s song selection. @celesteiliana__

“Had a great prom night and a good laugh about it the next day,” Orozco responded, telling users Mendenhall “was her best friend” and adding, “Please stop with the hate.”

It is unclear what year or state the viral video was taken, but The Post has reached out to Orozco for clarification.


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