Ambyr and Gabriel Jessop went for a rather unconventional way to celebrate their nuptials. The Hollywood stunt performers, who met while working on a movie, decided to set themselves on fire to celebrate their marriage.

In a video posted by the wedding DJ on TikTok, the couple can be seen being set on fire.

According to the couple, intense preparations were required to make the stunt as safe as possible.

Fire retardant gel was applied to their clothes and hair, with Ambyr even wearing a hood and a wig to protect her hair.

The original video currently has over 16 million views, after which the couple themselves posted the video on their own TikTok accounts.


Our wedding send off was accomplished with a team of professionals and should not be attempted without proper training and equipment. Special thanks to @frankbare (coordinator) @chrisreed @brentsteffensen @[email protected] @chadhecker @jeffreyreyes @chrisreyes @@walterhepworth @roundyfx (Mike & Ryan ) @parkcityfiredepartment @hailstoneeventcenter With another thanks to @carbonx & @actionfactory for creating the products us industry professionals can use. @gabjessop

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