Everyone wants their wedding to be one of the most memorable days of their lives. Some even try to make the day utterly memorable for their wedding guests by throwing lavish parties as well as destination weddings. However, the couple we are going to talk about went the extra mile and included an outrageous stunt at their wedding, leaving everyone stunned.

According to a Dailystar report, a newlywed couple quite literally burned down the house as they made a dramatic exit from their wedding reception this week, staging a frankly outrageous fire stunt which involved deliberately setting themselves on fire.

As they exit the ceremony, most couples are showered with confetti or rice by their guests. Professional stunt doubles Gabe Jessop and Ambyr Bambyr, on the other hand, saw a dramatic exit as an opportunity to combine work and pleasure.

Gabe and Ambyr met while working as stunt doubles on Hollywood sets, so there was always the possibility of something dramatic happening. Setting themselves ablaze and walking casually hand in hand on their wedding day might have just come naturally to them as they have had expertise in the field.

Ambyr can be seen carrying a blazing bouquet that swiftly spreads across the back of the bride and groom, who continue marching on, waving to the ecstatic guests, in a video, titled “when stunt people marry”, uploaded to TikTok by DJ and wedding Photographer Russ Powell Gabe and Ambyr remain calm and collected throughout, eventually kneeling to the ground and letting two men with fire extinguishers put out the flames.

“A wedding exit is just a fun and exciting way to end the evening and keep the energy up rather than just having your band or DJ end on the last song,” wedding photographer Kate Dye recently told Newsweek. “It caps off what has already been a magical day and is one last chance to get gorgeous images to remember it all by.”

It must be kept in mind that the couple are trained professionals and in no way should this be tried by anyone at home.

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