A “BRIDE” was mercilessly ridiculed online after booking her wedding DJ a decade in advance, before she’d even bagged a groom.

The DJ shared her message on Facebook, where the woman detailed her ideal plans for her 2030 ceremony.


A DJ was baffled when a woman tried to book him for her wedding ten years in advancePhoto credit: Getty Images – Getty

She wrote: “The date would be 7/6/2030. We will definitely be ten people or less for the Covid restrictions.

“By 2030 I should definitely find a man, so if you could put the books in for that date. I am willing to make a payment of $50 (£37) for this date.

“I know it’s so far in advance, but I want to make sure you’re not fully booked this year.”

She later added: “I’m so excited for my wedding, I’ve started the countdown, 3,510 days to go. woohoo!!


The “bride” revealed that she will “definitely” have a husband by 2030Credit: Facebook

“You can even have dinner, I’ll save you some pizza slices and some wings. WOOHOO WEDDING PLANNING!!”

Her unusual message has since been shared on the Facebook group That’s It I’m Wedding Shaming, where she left people stunned.”

“Oh…my…wtf?” commented a confused group member.

Another wrote, “I don’t know what’s worse…fixing a wedding date 9.5 years in advance being single or offering to save some slices of pizza.”

With over 54,000 members worldwide, the Facebook group is the largest of the wedding shaming variants.

You can critique dresses, decorations, and of course, dramatic brides kindly called “bridezillas.”

There are even categories for your posts where you can put your rants under popular tags like “cringe,” “tacky family,” and “f***ing yikes.”

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