A wedding is perhaps the most stressful event a couple can share. After serving as a wedding DJ for many years, I’ve seen things on the outside that made me cringe on numerous occasions.

I started DJing at weddings in the mid-90s to make a little more money. The last thing I did was in 2008 or something and it was a horror show. Not only did the bride’s separated birth parents get into a drunken argument, but the wedding also took place in a barn with shabby electrics, so the electricity was turned off and back on throughout the celebration. It was also the last time I went to a wedding.

Between 1995 and 2008, I played at a wedding as a DJ or master of ceremonies probably a dozen times. After getting my first radio job in 1996, I had to find a way to make money because my salary wasn’t enough. I bought a sound mixer, microphone, and speakers and started hosting weddings and corporate parties. The first event I did was when I was 19, and it was my mother’s corporate Christmas party near Lake Tahoe.

The first time a DJ is put on is terrifying. It’s even more stressful at a wedding because ruining a couple’s most important day is always possible. I’ve seen cloakroom errors, a groom never showed up, drunk failures and lost rings. I even saw the sprinklers turn on during a ceremony on a golf course that saw the first three rows of attendees soaked and forced to leave the grounds.

You just feel awful as the entertainment when these things happen. Weddings are always having problems, which is why there are so many wedding fail videos on YouTube.

What was the worst thing you ever saw at a wedding in Idaho?

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