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Wedding DJ no show upset newlyweds


On the biggest day of their lives, several newlyweds worried that they would have music for their wedding dance. The DJ they booked and paid for months in advance didn’t show up.

Pictures of her wedding dance hit a bitter note for Ruth Zechmann, who said: “We talked about the DJ – I can almost guarantee you when you see the expression on my face.”

A year earlier she paid DJ Jeremy Fields. Ruth said, “An hour before the wedding he called that he couldn’t come because of a family emergency and found that he had scheduled another wedding on the same day as mine.”

The same DJ didn’t call Kendra Beller on her wedding day. She said, “My bridal shower and family had to do all the work to find out.”

Kendra’s reception was postponed 90 minutes so they could find a submarine at the last minute. Most newlyweds had to improvise. A couple had relatives go home, get speakers, and dial Spotify.

Months before the weddings, the DJ signed contracts and took down payments: $ 400 from Ruth, $ 200 from Kendra, and the Vuksons paid him $ 550.

Cole Vukson said, “We paid him to be a DJ and he just never showed up. (We) paid him almost half a grand to do a service and he didn’t do it. “

And these newlyweds don’t count on refunds.

Kendra said, “Maybe an apology would be good. That sounds stupid, but you ruined my day. The least you can do is apologize and admit it. “

A Facebook group has more than a dozen couples saying they got up from All Play Entertainment and Jeremy Fields.

Our calls, SMS and emails to the DJ were not answered. A couple filing for small claims court tried to serve him on Wednesday. But they said Jeremy Fields did not show up for another trial in Grand Island.


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