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If you’ve got engaged over the holidays, you might be planning a wedding now in 2022 – and you should be ready to spend more than usual on weddings in the coming year. According to wedding industry experts, inflation affects the cost of most aspects of a wedding, from the venue to the providers.

Here are the wedding costs that will get more expensive in 2022.

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“Flowers have always been in high demand, but the flower industry has also been hit hard by bad weather,” said Yaz Quiles, owner of Pop! From Yaz, who starred in HGTV’s “Table Wars”. “Combine that with the challenges of COVID and you have a recipe for higher prices and limited availability across the board. Couples have to plan ahead, order well in advance and be flexible in their decisions. “

Quiles says it pays to hire a professional to help you get the best flower deals for your wedding.

“Working with a wedding planner or professional florist will help you stay on budget and on schedule,” she said.

Still, many florists have to ask for more due to the increased cost of materials.

“The prices for flowers and accessories like vases have soared this year,” said Carolyn Kulb, owner of Folk Art Flowers. “Some types of flowers have doubled in price since 2020. Otherwise we see an inflation of around 15-20% as the basis for flowers and accessories.
All of this on the assumption that we can get the things we need. At the moment, due to the supply chain, we are waiting between two and six months for some of the vessels, candle holders, etc. that we need for our weddings. There was also a shortage of white flowers this fall, which led to a three to six fold increase in price! It was wild.
Since we book up to a year in advance, we’ve eaten up inflation costs this year. Many florists are now including changes in the price of flowers in their contracts so that if the price of a particular flower increases, the customer agrees to pay the difference or allow a cheaper replacement. “

The story goes on

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The venue tends to be one of the biggest wedding expenditures, and couples can expect to spend even more of their budget on the event space in 2022.

“As a planner, I see fees increasing annually, but this year couples can expect an exponential increase in those fees – think 20-40% due to the high demand, staff shortages and delays in the supply chain, especially for venues in the Quiles said. “The venues also see this as a perfect opportunity to make up some of the revenue they lost last year.”


Many bands and DJs will be asking for more this year due to a variety of factors, said Ivan Moore, a professional wedding DJ and owner of Synapse Entertainment.

“In my DJ world, gasoline prices are one factor that drives me to raise my prices,” said Moore. “I drive thousands of DJ-related miles for events, meetings, and on-site visits every year. Since I have to pay more for gasoline, my expenses increase and those costs are passed on to the customer. Equipment is another area where rising costs are passed on. Most DJ companies are constantly evaluating their current equipment and seeing if anything needs replacing. Last year I upgraded some lighting, speakers, and my ceremonial audio setup. The prices for devices, if any, have definitely gone up. These costs are passed on to the customer. “

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Event rental and decoration

Marie Kubin, CEO of Rent My Wedding, which rents out event supplies like lighting equipment and photo booths, said she and similar vendors will raise their prices due to increased labor and procurement costs.

“Labor costs are most affected by inflation,” she said. “This leads to increased costs for almost all wedding services. At our nationwide wedding company, labor costs have increased by 33%. We found that we were unable to hire new employees at the same rates after the pandemic lockdowns. We had to increase our salary rates by 33% to fill vacancies. “

Wedding decorations have also become more expensive.

“This is due to product shortages and supply chain issues,” said Kubin. “For example, our wedding lighting supplier’s cost has increased 26%, not to mention the lead time to receive a new order is now three to six months instead of three to six days.”

In many cases, these increased costs are passed on to the couple.


“The vendors whose prices are rising the most as a result of inflation are the ones who add the most costs, such as food costs for caterers,” said Kim Hefner, wedding photographer and owner of Wild and Found Photography.

Laura Maddox of Magnolia Events & Planning said food and supplies costs for caterers can increase by up to 30% which is then passed on to customers.

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This will keep you on budget in 2022

“Weddings today have gotten more elaborate with an enormous number of details,” said Quiles. “These can make the day special, but those little details can easily add up – and are usually not properly budgeted in advance. If a couple is on a budget, I recommend devoting the bulk of the dollars to key elements like the venue, catering, and content acquisition. Couples should be more demanding in their other choices, which are nice but not compulsory, while the guest experience is paramount. “

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