Everyone enjoys good music that a DJ provides. A fantastic DJ sets the tone for a party. Not only do they get the party going, but they also make sure everyone in attendance is having a good time. It takes a lot of practice and dedication that cannot be learned in a day. Learn the ropes from someone who knows what they’re doing. DJ Axonn is one such DJ who brings life to the event with his approach. His hard work has carved out a niche for himself in the field.

Amateurs can tell professional DJs by how much experience they have before the wedding reception. DJ Axonn, a seasoned professional, began his career in 2010 with appearances in clubs and events. This brilliant DJ started performing at university events and then started uploading his mixes to YouTube. He received a lot of positive feedback and couldn’t stop making hit mixes afterwards.

What was your moment when you started your journey?

I am a Mumbai based DJ who was born and raised in a Punjabi family. I’m a songwriter, producer and I mix music with versatility. My passion for the music industry began while studying mechanical engineering at Manipal University. At first I started DJing in clubs. Later in 2014 I did my shows in many cities like Bangalore, Coimbatore, Chennai etc. Later in 2015 I moved to Mumbai, India and started to pursue my dreams. As a wedding DJ, I want to add glamor to every wedding event, whether it’s a boisterous Bollywood sangeet or a flashy cocktail party.

What inspired you to become a DJ?

Spend time expanding my music collection. Build a library of truly amazing music, not just MP3 downloads from the internet. It can take time to put together a good music collection, but it is critical to the development of your work. For my collection, have a look to my friends, youtube channels, and other awesome music channels. Nobody will know how long it took me to collect these sounds over a year when I finally showed up as a professional, polished DJ with an incredible collection of mind-blowing songs. I believe in choosing a genre of music and making a name for myself in it. I won’t master every genre – even Einstein had a specialty. If I had to tell you about one person I look up to in our industry, I’d say it, Avicii, a Swedish DJ.

What does music mean to you and how do you connect with music when composing?

I’ve been thinking a lot about the meaning of music lately. I started thinking about what music means to me and how it affects my life. This position has evolved, but it serves as a useful reminder of how people think about music. Some people consider music to be the most important aspect of their life. Others use it as one of their means of expressing their feelings. In my opinion, music is a form of therapy. Music is a way of expressing feelings to the rest of the world. It is also a way of social interaction with other people. Music is a form of entertainment.

Can you give us an insight into your journey, results and also if you could tell us about some of your upcoming projects?

I will play as a wedding DJ at weddings. I think music is an integral part of our society and I feel solidarity when I play music for my audience. I want to keep producing music that is understandable for people and I want them to have amazing balls on my show.

Is there any specific advice you would like to give the budding artists in the industry?

For the budding artists in the industry, I would say that if you want to be a successful DJ, you have to have fun with music first and foremost. Your love of music is likely to inspire you to pursue a career as a DJ, and the passion for your work that you see will help you connect with your listeners. Give up now if you’re only there for the title. Put the book down and do something else. You shouldn’t expect to become a superstar DJ right away. Before you even consider looking for a two hour solo gig, the best way to stand out is to master and develop your art as best you can. Often on a bigger stage, people stand out who have made the effort to work hard in their chosen profession and go the extra mile. In my opinion, persistence is the key to success, so no matter how many obstacles get in your way, never give up on your dreams.


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