Editor and radio host Mark Imperial and esteemed Pocono Wedding DJ entertainer Adam Skuba spotlight leading Pocono wedding professionals and venues for a new charity book titled The Ultimate Pocono Wedding.

Mark Imperial, founder of Remarkable Radio and Press, and Adam Skuba, a well-respected Pocono wedding DJ entertainer, confirmed that they have officially recorded interviews to feature only 10 leading Pocono wedding professionals and venues in the new book, titled : “The ultimate Pocono wedding”, Benefit to charity.

Adam Skuba stated, “We have developed a new program and a unique way for you to get your business (Pocono Wedding) off the ground. And at the same time make yourself an expert in your field, especially in the Pocono markets. “

Explaining how he selected Pocono wedding companies for the book, Skuba said, “We’re in a target market and deal with lots of couples from New York City, the Philadelphia area, and everywhere looking for something different. I turn to these people because I know they know exactly what couples visiting the area are looking for and what they want, which is unique to the Pocono area. We’re looking for caterers, photographers, videographers, planners, cake decorators, hosts of receptions, wineries, breweries – we look at all of these unique places that make the Poconos what they are, a tourist destination and really focus on these people and what they have to offer and why someone planning a wedding in the Poconos should consider using their services or their business. “

Imperial states, “The charity will benefit from being featured in the book for direct donations, the public, and media coverage resulting from it, along with a commitment to 100% of the retail licenses.”

“Weddings in the Poconos are reopening after the pandemic and are busier than ever.” Imperial continued, “Every wedding professional is registered with Amazon as the author of the book that appears in search when their referrals or prospects search for vendors. Books on Amazon are highly rated by Google, and it’s no secret that being a published author offers a distinct advantage. “

Pocono wedding providers interested in participating in this hassle-free charity project can learn more and apply at: https://go.booksgrowbusiness.com/poconowedding

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/bulkwxVdI1Y

Imperial said, “For the Pocono wedding companies selected for inclusion in the book, we are only asking for a small overhead contribution to cover editing, layout design, publishing and media release costs. Ten companies sharing the overhead make it a nominal investment and a great achievement for everyone involved. “

“The ultimate Pocono wedding” is scheduled for release within 60 to 90 days, just in time for the hustle and bustle of wedding planning for the new year.

Describing the benefits of participating in this book, Imperial said, “We expect a lot of public attention for this book around the project, both for the charity and the Pocono wedding companies we have selected. Our readers are getting great information, our charity gets the much-needed attention, and our attendees are getting publicized in print, appearing on our radio, and getting prominent in the news for their wedding companies. “

Pocono wedding providers interested in participating in this hassle-free charity project can learn more and apply at: https://go.booksgrowbusiness.com/poconowedding

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