A woman who requested divorce and left their unhappy marriage fell in love with a DJ – of their own Wedding.

Megan Willis, 27, told DJ Mark Stone, 51, their marriage fell apart shortly after he spun tunes at their ceremony.

The couple started chatting daily and quickly fell in love, which led both of them to file for divorce.

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Willis’ breakup concluded in January 2018 and she moved across the United States to North Carolina, where Stone joined her eight months later after leaving his wife.

The couple has since married and told stories The mirror, it “doesn’t feel much different”.

“We’re in love and we’ve been for a long time, but it’s nice to be ‘official’ in a way, and I love having Mark’s last name,” explains Willis.

The U.S. woman claimed she originally had doubts about the couple’s relationship because of their 23-year age difference, but quickly found that their families were glad they had found happiness together.

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Their Instagram page “We Are Mark and Megan” describes the couple as “two people who were born and fell in love in different decades”. (Instagram)

While Stone had a vasectomy in his first marriage, the procedure has since been reversed as the couple are hoping to have children.

The couple would like to de-stigmatize age differences in relationships and post regularly about married life on their shared social media accounts.

Their Instagram page “We Are Mark and Megan” describes the couple as “two people who were born and fell in love in different decades”.

In one post, Stone holds Willis in a tango dip position while the two share a kiss.

In the caption, the two say their relationship “doesn’t fit what society considers ‘normal'” and defend their age difference of 23 years.

“We love each other and we will never hide our love for one another,” says the post.

“Just because we have an age difference is no reason to hide and you can’t live and be happy like that! Nobody should ever have to hide who they love.

“Our age-gap relationship isn’t ‘strange’, what it really is is special and it’s ours and that makes it perfect.”

The couple met in a restaurant called The Crazy Tuna Bar & Grill in Maryland, where Stone was a co-owner and DJ. You were introduced by Willis’ sister.

“I got married a little down the street and my sister hired Mark to put on my wedding,” Willis says The mirror.

Within a year, the couple began to feel sorry for their unhappiness in their respective marriages.

At the time, Willis had been married for a year while Stone struggled in his 27-year marriage.

Megan Willis, 27, Mark Stone, 51The couple are now hoping for children as Stone reverses his vasectomy, performed 21 years earlier. (Instagram)

“My marriage ended because I wasn’t entirely happy and didn’t get what I needed. My ex was addicted to a video game that basically became his life, and I was basically nonexistent,” explains Willis.

“I realized that I shouldn’t feel existential or beg for attention, so I filed for divorce.”

Willis says that Mark was the “friend” she needed back then and supported her with every experience.

It’s the moment she claims to be in love with him.

The couple are now hoping for children as Stone reverses the vasectomy he had 21 years earlier.

“We have already chosen names, Rhett Michael for a boy and Taylie Mae for a girl.”


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