If it wasn’t already obvious, you’re just as likely to find a wedding inspo scrolling through social media as you are flipping through a wedding magazine. We admit there’s a magical element to pouring over the pages of a thick, shiny bridal magazine, but as easy as it is to get lost in the pages, it’s hard to keep track of what catches your eye. TikTok has pro tips (and we have screen time to prove it) and loads of inspiration too. Although it hasn’t completely dethroned Pinterest as the ultimate wedding planning platform, it’s the ideal companion for newlyweds looking for new ways to give their “I dos” a unique edge.

Think how often you hear someone say, “I found it on TikTok” – couples can obviously find everything from recipe ideas to styling hacks. And at weddings in 2021 you will probably hear that ten times now. The micro-streaming app has a dedicated community for all of your wedding needs aptly called #WeddingTikTok. With TikTok being a breeding ground for pretty much every new trend these days, we scoured the app for the most exciting, vibrant, non-traditional deets that brides and grooms can use on their big day.

A twist on the last dance

Let’s face it, if you don’t blow your mind, individual time on the big day is likely to be tight. A cute way to take time for a memorable moment between you and your new spouse is to opt for a private final dance. After the party is over and the guests are preparing to say goodbye, you can steal one last private moment away from the excitement in the cleared reception hall before the big day comes to an end.

If silence and privacy don’t really suit the atmosphere of your wedding, you can also go the other direction and make the last dance of the night extra special by giving your guests sparklers or confetti to start the final song. So you can end the night with a bang with your guests.

Continuous first kiss

One thing #WeddingTikTok has made abundantly clear is that officials shouldn’t be in the background of the first kiss photos. Video for video advised them not to dwell after marriage, and TBH, they are right. To get a clean, crisp shot from your first kiss, give your official a heads up – or a very gentle nudge – to step aside when it’s time to close your lips.

Rethink the first look

It is common to like the first look in theory but not in practice. If you want a first look but don’t want to meet your spouse face-to-face until it’s time to walk down the aisle, you can do one with your parents instead. In most cases, the big reveal will be just as emotional for your parents, grandparents, or parenting characters as it is for your future spouse. It’s also a special opportunity to spend a private, quiet moment with your family characters, without prying eyes to watch you cry ugly.

Regardless of whether they are content with fittings and have already seen the dress, the reaction of your bridal shower to the complete wedding anniversary look is a special moment that is often overlooked. As an alternative to the popular first look between spouses, you can always take special first-look photos with your bridal team instead! Just have tissues and makeup ready to touch up – there are sure to be waterworks.

Why not include your crew at first sight? Although they traditionally get a first look at the bride’s dress as she walks down the aisle, it can be fun and previewable. It’s also an opportunity to break away from gender norms while having a special bonding moment with some of your boys who made it onto his side (perhaps a brother or male beast) and laying the foundations for a special bond with those around him and loved ones.

women first

Many archaic gender traditions tend to raise their heads at weddings – not just for the couple getting engaged, but for the guests as well. This TikTok user received over a million likes for bringing this tip to the table: When inviting couples, name the woman first (think of Mrs. Jane and John Smith instead of Mr. John and Jane Smith. ) It’s semantics, but it says a lot.

Make an entrance

Over-the-top entries to bridal showers were popular at receptions long before TikTok was a thing. But now that TikTok trends and challenges have taken them to the next level (we’ll get to that later), it’s unfortunate that the newlyweds are missing out on the excitement. To give the new spouses a chance to see the extravagant performances of their bridal shower, why not change the traditional order and enter the reception before the bridal shower?

If you don’t know how to make a splash with your wedding party entrances to the front desk, TikTok is full of ideas. Rather than choreographing their own arrivals, this couple’s group simply performed various dances and challenges that went viral on the app. It’s a great way to create a party atmosphere before the reception really starts. Because when someone is doing a TikTok dance near you, it’s almost impossible not to join in and show your moves.

Throw the traditional bouquet toss

The throwing bouquet is a divisive wedding tradition. If the idea of ​​a toss makes you roll your eyes instead of excitement, there are tons of alternatives you can try. One cute trend that’s gaining momentum on TikTok is getting married couples onto the dance floor instead. One at a time, your moderator will ask the couples who have been married for a specified period of time to stay on the ground until the couple that have been married the longest are the only ones left. You will then receive the microphone to give the bride and groom advice on marriage. You can keep your bouquet and leave with some solid advice. It’s a win / win.

And who says men can’t be part of the ostrich throw? Instead of just throwing your bouquet to single ladies, you can change things by inviting everyone to catch it, regardless of gender or marital status.

Cozy guest book

How often do you actually open the guest book after the wedding? A unique way to keep your guests in the loop after the big day is to swap out a guest book for a guest blanket! Instead of a traditional book, this TikTok user got her guests to sign fabric squares and then her grandmother knitted them all together. Aside from being a lot cozier than a scrapbook, it’s also a more sustainable option if you use scraps of fabric.

Not all rise

To keep things inclusive and to ensure that everyone can see it all, this bride foregoes the traditional “stand up” part of the ceremony. “It prevents the people in front, who are usually the most important, from seeing the entire aisle,” explains @marzyjay. As an alternative, her guests are instructed to remain seated while she walks down the aisle and to stand up after she walks past them. It sets an inclusive tone for the ceremony and creates a nice follow-up effect.

Call the matchmaker

As you celebrate your love, why not say hello to the friend or loved one who made that first connection? A new trend is to honor the matchmaker with a sign hanging on his chair at the front desk. It’s a subtle tribute to the friend who made the day technically possible.

Mother daughter dance

All feelings! Although fathers get a lot of love on the dance floor at wedding receptions, mothers of the bride should have a moment too. After her father-daughter dance with her stepfather, this bride pulled her mother on the floor for a mother-daughter dance to “Slipping Through My Fingers” by ABBA. I am not crying, you are crying.

Social media minute

This is a trend we’ve seen many times – how much, how much. To keep ceremonies intimate and prevent people from spending the entire ceremony scrolling on their phones, couples opt for plugless ceremonies where guests are asked to keep their devices hidden. But before turning it off, they have a minute to snap photos of the couple and post them on their social feeds.

Sole partner

Couples who write letters to each other on the morning of their wedding will never be delightful. But to add to the cuteness, some couples write love letters on the soles of their shoes. While they are getting ready, someone from the wedding party will perform the shoe swap so that they will be signed and ready by the time the ceremony begins.

A “guest” photographer

Sometimes the best wedding photos are those that are completely unstaged. To get those edgy moments on film, it can be so easy and inexpensive to put a disposable camera at each of your reception desks and encourage your guests to capture the night through their own lens. After the wedding, it will be fun to develop the film from any camera and add some honest pictures to your wedding album.

Unit shot

Unity candles can be a fire hazard, and sand ceremonies can get messy. But a uniform shot on the altar is a harmless way to ease the nervousness on the wedding day and start the party atmosphere. And if you can get your guests to sign the bottle, it can be a cute keepsake from the wedding day too!

No cake, no problem

There are a few things to consider when choosing your wedding cake. You need to be aware of your guests’ dietary restrictions and sometimes even their taste preferences. If you’d rather forego cake altogether (and avoid smashing the wedding cake), you can always replace it with a champagne tower. It sets the tone that the party follows and can even be a great introduction to reception.


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