A DJ is the master of the music he belts out to make people swing to forget their stresses. The DJ is focused and selective with the music to suit the different tastes of the audience. DJing isn’t for everyone, but music runs in Abhishek Dey’s blood. He has proven to be the DJ par excellence. He has also worked with the record label “Speed ​​Records”. The label has over 31.3 million subscribers for the track “Sohnea” by Miss Pooja and Milind Gaba.

Abhishek is the first DJ and music producer from Assam to work with the renowned record label. He was 16 years old when he discovered a talent for mixing music and his passion for music only grew over time along with love. Since then, through hard work at work, he has managed to reach the high platform he has always dreamed of. Back in his hometown, he is a household name in the DJ industry. He blossoms day after day and puts all of his hard work into the career he wanted to pursue. DJing is usually about rock music. But Abhishek produces music full of harmony and melodies to calm the audience. His music carries the power to touch the audience from within and touch their soul as his music is enjoyed by people of different ages.

We have all heard of the story of Tansen, the legend immortalized with his Raag Megh Malhar who brought rain and lit lamps by singing Raga Deepak. Abhishek wants such power in his music. He also believes in the famous quote from William Shakespeare, who said: “If music is the nourishment of love, keep playing, give me an excess; that oversaturation, the appetite can get sick and thus die. ”

Currently, Abhishek is focused on improving his skills as he spends 80 percent of his time creating new music for his fans. In the future he wants to work with the “T-Series” and plans to develop his own music with remixes. Young talent emerges from all walks of life and geographic regions, and age no longer plays a role in the acquisition of skills. Abhishek is living proof of its success.

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