A Huddersfield man who advertises as a wedding singer was accused of stealing thousands of pounds from couples and either not attending their big day or ignoring calls.

Jason Horner has two websites promoting him as a “surprise wedding singer” who starts the night as a waiter and then suddenly breaks into a song.

One of the sites – All Your Wedding Essentials – states that the services on offer include “professional wedding DJ and lighting,” selfie mirrors, a live “mini band,” as well as lighted signs and candy carts.

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However, many people have said that they paid him large sums of money and then were either ignored or found that he did not show up on their wedding day.

YorkshireLive was contacted by John Rushworth.

Mr Rushworth of Lindley, Huddersfield said he and his partner were in touch with Jason after finding him online, adding that his social media pages “looked legitimate”.

John Rushworth and his partner, Jodie, who managed to get back the £ 1,250 they sent to Jason Horner after he stopped answering their messages and calls
(Image: John Rushworth)

After getting in touch with him, they agreed a sum of £ 1,200 that would provide them with a DJ, a singing waiter and a photo booth. Mr. Rushworth said he was also directly involved with Jason’s partner.

After paying the full amount, he said Jason stopped answering calls or messages.

Mr. Rushworth said, “He just lives around the corner from me so I walked around and there was no one there. The neighbors said he came and went so nothing was wrong with him.

“I did a little digging and found that he did this to a lot of people.”

Jason Horner has attended a few weddings, but one man said he “didn’t know the words to the songs” and had to be told to stop

After contacting his bank, Mr. Rushworth was able to get his money back.

Others have not been as successful, including Suzy Ashton, who said she paid Jason the full £ 750 for their May 2020 wedding.

When the Covid pandemic broke out and the country was locked, she had to postpone her appointment. She said all of her other suppliers were able to make the move easier, but Jason said he couldn’t make other appointments.

Ms. Ashton said, “That was fine because the contract said we could get a full refund, so I requested a refund under his contract and got nothing. I offered to take the money back in installments to help him and he blocked me.

“19 months of trying and he won’t even communicate with me.

Suzy Ashton was unable to reclaim Jason Horner's money and had to hold her wedding with no live entertainment

Suzy Ashton was unable to reclaim Jason Horner’s money and had to hold her wedding with no live entertainment
(Image: Suzy Ashton)

“Our wedding day ended with no entertainment because we couldn’t afford any further delays or additional costs after losing £ 750 to this man.”

Other people said they booked him and then he didn’t show up at all on their wedding day.

One of them was Tammy Jean Barnes, who said she agreed to pay Jason £ 650 to perform as a surprise singer at their wedding on August 20 that year.

She said, “The wedding day came. He should arrive at noon to run through the day with me and set everything up. 5pm came and my toast master informed me that he hadn’t arrived yet. My venue rang and rang and he didn’t answer.

“Half an hour before he should have performed, he told me his car had broken down and I was entitled to a full refund.

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Mrs. Barnes said she was still hunting him for the money.

There have been a few occasions where he has attended events, despite Dave Watmough saying he played for three hours at his mother’s wedding in July after they paid £ 750 and they “absolutely sucked”.

He said, “He didn’t know the words to any of the songs. It got worse as the night went on and my mother had to stop him in the end, it was that bad.”

Another woman posted on the Facebook group that Jason had accepted over 1,800 pounds and was “so rude” when attending the wedding.

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Mr Rushworth has contacted West Yorkshire Police but said he was told there was “nothing they could do about it” and that it was instead a matter of trade standards.

He said, “I can’t understand why the police won’t do anything about it.”

Jason was asked for an answer through Facebook, by phone, and through the two operational corporate websites – All Your Wedding Essentials and Surprise Wedding Singers – but did not respond.

West Yorkshire Police declined to comment.

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