Learn how to hang up while locked out with Serato Play, which offers full DJ software for a month.

Serato is offering its Play DJ software for free throughout May. It offers full-fledged DJing software to perfect your skills when gigs and parties are back in business.

No hardware is required for Serato Play, just your laptop or desktop computer. The software is full of advanced features like EQ controls, FX to play with, filters to create amazing lifts and drops, and a lot more.

With shortcuts on your keyboard, you can easily control Serato Play from your keyboard and mix it with Flow. With a headphone splitter, you can even practice professional techniques by splitting the sound between what is coming out of the speakers and what you hear in your headphones.

If you’re new to DJing, Serato has a slew of tutorials on YouTube that you can follow and start DJing in no time like a master producer. Get ready for the clubs to return when the lockdown is over for all of May.

Get the most out of the free Serato Play by downloading it ASAP as it will only be available for free until the end of May. Download here now.


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