Jessica McKelvey (DJ Jess), who lives in Pittsburgh, recently spoke on Instagram at the DJ Expo (DJX).

She began: “Why should we, as DJs, use Instagram as a sales tool? Let’s get one thing straight: Instagram shouldn’t be a selling point, no way. Think of it as a handshake inviting your followers to who you are and what you do as you gently equip them with the services you offer. “

One participant asked if a website or Instagram was better. DJ Jess replied:

“Here’s why Instagram is better than your website: Do you update your website weekly to reflect the events you’ve made? Probably not, right? Instagram lets you continuously upload event videos, things that just happened, to show customers the experience you just had for someone. You can show them the results.

“Another reason Instagram is better than a website is because customers are hanging out there and they already know how to use them. It’s like cooking breakfast at your home instead of cooking breakfast at your friend’s – you’ve never cooked there before. “

“So when I make pancakes at home, I grab the oil so they don’t stick and just grab it because I know where it is and then I dump it in the pan. Then the pancakes start bubbling, OK time to turn them over and I know where the spatula is so I grab my broken kitchen door for pulling it out too hard too many times and grab the spatula and turn it um – boom, I’m done.

“Now I’m at my friend’s house and I’m cooking pancakes: Okay, where’s the cooking oil? I have to stop asking that. Oh, it’s here. Okay thanks. To get the spatula I don’t know where it is so it will take me a minute. So your house is like the website. My house is like Instagram – your customers know how to work with Instagram, they know where to find things. It will take a little longer on your website, and that’s not bad, but why not use a platform you already know? “

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