The Muto DJ Bag from Tucker & Bloom – packed full of rare grooves, soundtracks and lounge tunes.

As someone who has used vinyl, it’s still nice to see some DJs spread the black liquorice in clubs, lounges, and even house parties. There’s just something elegant and simple about playing a record, focusing on the music, the audience, and the mixing. Yes, it’s antiquated in many ways, but vinyl will always have a place for many of us – and the Tucker & Bloom Muto Record bag is just the kind of bespoke bag you’ll want to carry it around in.

More information here / MSRP $ 285. / Carries 60 records


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Features we love

There’s so much going on in this bag that you need an instruction manual, but it’s well worth the effort. The first thing we love is the ability to split the case from the center and use the right side as extra space to place your records. If you’re playing albums or records that you might be able to fall back on in a set, that extra visibility is a clutch.


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The other great option is the ability to carry the bag with the handle, a traditional messenger strap (our favorite), or turn it into a backpack (which you will need the instructions for). Vinyl, as we all know, is heavy, so it’s nice to lug it around in a number of different ways.

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Last but not least, the number of pockets and the build quality. This bag is made in the USA which you don’t see much of anymore and the materials are high quality and look like they could use abuse. They have pockets for your laptop, headphones, cables, needles, etc. and the lining of the bag is a soft, velvety material that provides an extra layer of protection.

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Now for some of the things that we would change. No bag is perfect, and while we love this bag, we’d make some tweaks.

Having a small padlock to hold the pocket flap together isn’t the best, and the included lock is useless. So we’d recommend getting one of those little TSA padlocks with a three-digit code. The key that came with the lock will be lost immediately, so fix it when you receive the bag.

While the Velcro feels sturdy to the touch, we should have zippers on all bags, especially a laptop pocket on top of the bag. It just feels a little too risky and the Velcro closure creates small gaps on the side pockets that could cause problems; they didn’t seem to close super tight either.

Summary: If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind bag made by artisans specifically for vinyl DJs, you’ve come to the right place. The Muto is a beautiful record bag with nifty little quirks that you will appreciate and find helpful when porting your vinyl.


  • It’s unique, has cool features, and is well built
  • It comes in cool colors
  • Multiple carrying options and enough space for all your things


  • The supplied padlock is worthless; you need a new one.
  • The price might be a bit high for some
  • Velcro fasteners should be converted to zippers.

The Muto Pocket Statistics:

  • Record bag dimensions: 13 “high x 13” wide x 11 “deep
  • Side pockets: 6 “high x 11” wide x 2 “deep
  • Two Velcro luggage straps for easy connection to a roll bag
  • Outer material, waterproof lining, 1680 ballistic nylon
  • Embossed leather patch sewn on the front
  • The fold-down lid with Velcro sides and a lockable leather pull tab offers easy access and additional security
  • Two zipper pulls on a self-healing YKK nylon # 8 zipper secure the main chamber.
  • Inner lining: purple velveteen with a high-density foam backing
  • Main compartment with zipper enables shared organization on the go
  • Padded laptop compartment in the lid with a 13 “diameter for up to 12” laptops
  • Removable, padded straps can be used as a backpack or messenger bag
  • Made in the USA.
  • Covered by our lifetime guarantee


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