Mark Ronson has revealed how he refused to accept payment for a DJ set at Paul McCartney’s wedding and instead asked the Beatles icon to appear on his album.

The DJ and producer was behind the decks with his third wife, Nancy Shevell, at McCartney’s 2011 wedding but said it was impossible to get paid for the prestigious performance.

“I said, ‘I can’t possibly prosecute you, but maybe one day you could come and bless a song I have with a fantastic bass part,'” Ronson recalled in a recent Radio Times interview.

Ronson finally got his wish when McCartney suggested the two work together when they were speaking at his second wedding reception in London.

“I went to the bathroom washing my hands and he comes in and says, ‘Hey, we should sit down like you said,'” Ronson recalled.

Sir Paul McCartney will perform live in 2018 (Image: Jim Dyson / Getty Images)

“’I’m working on a new album, come to my place in the [Sussex] Landscape.'”

He beamed: “And that’s how it happened!”

The resulting collaborations eventually found their way onto McCartney’s 2013 album “New”.

Reflecting on the “insane” process at the time, Ronson said, “It’s really good. He writes really good songs. “

McCartney will also appear in Ronson’s upcoming Apple + TV series Watch The Sound.


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