Just a day after Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas moved in together for the second time, Maisie Williams shared a picture from Friday’s rehearsal dinner that said it was a “white party.” In the picture that the 22-year-old actress shares on Instagram, she wears a knee-length white blazer dress paired with black boots.

The Game of Thrones actress poses with boyfriend Reuben Selby, who looked dapper in a white jacket, shirt, and white pants paired with black boots. Williams and Selby had color-coordinated pink hair. “White party for the newlyweds,” the actor captioned the picture.

Williams and her GoT co-star Turner are long-time friends who grew up together in public while playing sisters Sansa and Arya Stark on the hit HBO series.

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Not only did best friends get similar tattoos to celebrate the day they were cast on the show, but Williams was also one of Turner’s two ladies of honor for the big day.

The newlyweds recently spoke in the July issue of Psychologies Magazine about her enduring bond with Williams, People reported.

“Maisie has been my most wonderful friend over the years. We grew up together at Game of Thrones and shared so many things and talked about everything, ”she shared.

“We both leaned against each other in those times when we felt out of place and a little lost. It was so nice to have such a great friend like her and we’re still very close, ”she concluded.

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Turner made the reveal about her unique connection with Williams, recently Dark Phoenix co-star Jessica Chastain, in a video by Vogue Paris, People quoted as saying.

“My best friend, Maisie, she and I have a very intense friendship, a friendship that I haven’t had with any of my other friends before. Maisie is definitely my protector and I am hers too. I know if something happened – especially if it was on Game of Thrones, which it never, never would – she would go insane and protect me. Maisie is my strong home, ”she said.

On the flip side, the feeling for Williams is mutual, who told Glamor UK that Turner “really helped” her over the years. “Sophie knows too much about me not to be my friend,” she shared.

“I can’t tell you how many times Sophie said ‘go to therapy’ before I did. She really helped me through some messy breakups and some breakups with friends. Whenever I say, ‘I need help! This is bigger than anything I can sort out on my own. ‘Sophie is my point of contact,’ she added.

Meanwhile, DJ Diplo, who streamed Sophie and Joe’s vegan wedding live on Instagram in May, got rid of his cell phone at the wedding in France.

The 40-year-old DJ joked that the couple, who recently married for the second time in France, confiscated their cell phones to keep their wedding a little more private.

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Dilpo shared a photo of him in a black suit from the ceremony on his Instagram account and wrote, “This is the only photo I got of Joe and Sophie Turner Jonas’ wedding because they gave me my cell phone during the wedding have taken away and placed in a holding cell ceremony. Heard it was nice. “

On May 1, the couple took the world by surprise when the two clashed after their breathtaking performance at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas.

It was all thanks to American DJ Diplo, who broke the news on social media by posting a series of Instagram stories from the private ceremony – that the world found out about the wedding.

Earlier this month, Diplo said he only recorded the ceremony because he had no idea the wedding was real, People reported.

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“I didn’t know it was a serious wedding! I really didn’t know what was going on. I hung out with him after the Billboard Awards, I just hung out with him and said, ‘This is crazy, dude. Let me record that, ”he said during an On Air interview with Ryan Seacrest.

While Jonas and Turner had both said that they found the livestream fun and that there were obviously no harsh feelings, they both expressed disappointment that their private moment had been broadcast to millions of people.

“It’s hard to keep it a secret when people are streaming it live. It would have been better if no one had known, but I actually think it’s funny, ”said the Game of Thrones actor to Net-a-Porter’s PORTER edit.

Turner continued, “Maybe we wouldn’t have kept it a secret forever. I think at some point I should have stopped saying ‘fiance’, but yeah, I would have kept it a secret. Marriage is a private matter between two people and I think it should always be. It’s not about the dress, it’s not about the food. It’s about being husband and wife and standing up for one another forever. “

Jonas had joked that Diplo’s video “ruined” the wedding.

“I love Diplo. But he loves his gram more than a 13 year old. He posts every five seconds. He literally streamed live with dog face filters, ”he said at the Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp.

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