Megan Willis married Mark Stone after their first marriages failed, despite their age difference. They tied the knot now after meeting at their first wedding

Megan and Mark got married (

Image: wearemarkandmegan / Instagram)

A woman who fell in love with her own wedding DJ married him after saying her first husband made her feel unhappy and neglected.

Megan Willis, 27, confided in 51-year-old Mark Stone that their marriage was falling apart, and the two soon started chatting every day.

When Megan filed for divorce, she said Mark supported her every step of the way, and when it closed in January 2018, she moved to North Carolina, USA.

And eight months later, when Mark’s divorce was also finalized, he moved in with her.

Regarding married life, Megan said, “The married life was good, honestly it doesn’t feel much different.

“We’re in love and have been for a long time, but it’s nice to be ‘official’ in a way, and I love having Mark’s last name.”

They don’t care what people think about their age difference


wearemarkandmegan / Instagram)

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Megan says she originally had doubts about their relationship because of their 23-year age difference, but those concerns soon disappeared.

According to the couple, their families accepted their relationship and were happy that they had found happiness together.

The couple are hoping to have children one day as Mark undone his vasectomy.

In the meantime, they share their love on social media under the name @wearemarkandmegan to help overcome the stigma surrounding age differences.

“Basically, our story begins with my sister and a restaurant called The Crazy Tuna Bar & Grill back home in Maryland,” Megan said.

“My sister used to go to this bar and when I came to visit from Saratoga Springs, New York, she took me to Crazy Tuna. She introduced me to DJ Mark Stone and his brother, who was a partner in Crazy Tuna.

“Every time I came home to visit, we went to Crazy Tuna and most of the time Mark was there. He was such a person, so much fun and we loved fooling around with him and my sister hired Mark to DJ for my wedding.

“About a year later I’m visiting home and we’re going to Crazy Tuna. Mark is there and we’re talking about my marriage and how I’m not happy. After that night the conversation continued because Mark had similar problems.” in his 27 year marriage, so we started talking every day.

“My marriage ended because I wasn’t entirely happy and didn’t get what I needed. My ex was addicted to a video game that basically became his life, and I was basically nonexistent.

“He didn’t want to hang out with me, didn’t want to go out and explore. He was counting me watching TV and playing his game with headphones in the same room. I realized that I don’t need to feel non-existent or beg for attention, so I filed for divorce.

“Talking to Mark really made me realize that I shouldn’t be asking my husband for attention. Mark was just a friend, but he took time to check on me every day. We both really enjoyed our conversations, no matter how silly or serious they were.

“When me and my ex got into an argument, Mark was there to calm me down and just remind me that everything was fine. His support really meant a lot to me to have someone there to support you and blow your mind , and that is exactly what Mark was to me and for that I am forever grateful.

“I think I realized that I fell in love with him first. Even though Mark was still married but separated from his wife, I felt incapable of acting. I kept it to myself. At the time, he needed the support, that he gave me and I made sure to be there for him that way. “

Megan and Mark say they whispered to strangers about their relationship in public.

But they swear never to hide their love and want to encourage other couples with age differences not to hide.

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“We hope to have children,” said Megan.

“Mark needs a vasectomy for this. He had his vasectomy 21 years ago, so let’s hope having a child is still an option for us.

“We have already chosen names, Rhett Michael for a boy and Taylie Mae for a girl.”


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