Who could forget the brilliant soundtrack behind this year’s hit show Bridgerton? Simon and Daphne fell in love with some of our favorite songs – Ariana Grande’s “thank u, next”, Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy” and Maroon 5’s “Girls Like You” – all reinvented with the classic string instruments made for A. typical are timepieces. If you’ve loved Bridgerton as much as we did (who doesn’t?) And you’re planning a wedding, then you’re in luck.

Vitamin String Quartet, the band responsible for the iconic Bridgerton soundtrack, is releasing a wedding album for the Bridgerton-inspired bride. Perfect for your ceremony, reception and everything in between, it contains romantic classics like “Take On Me” to “Total Eclipse of the Heart”, all of which have been reinterpreted in the characteristic style of the group.

“The word ‘flashback’ is one that a lot of people recognize when it comes to a particular brand of music programming, but it also has a visceral, immediate sensibility.” says James Curtiss, A&R Director and Creative Director for vitamin string quartet. “You can see the word in a big, bold representation. Back to an era of love songs, so to speak, that people loved then and love now.”

Courtesy of the Vitamin String Quartet

Think of this album as your “something old”. The group – consisting of musicians Lauren Elizabeth Baba, Leah Zeger, Amanda Lo and Derek Stein – comprised 12 handpicked throwback songs for the new album, which were specially put together as a soundtrack for your wedding. And who doesn’t love oldies at the reception? Looking back from the 70s, 80s, and 90s is basically a must at any wedding to keep generations of guests happy, engaged, and ready to dance.

“Even before VSQ really exploded, people were asking us for notes or to play at weddings,” says Curtiss. “We started developing themes that would allow us to play with different types of wedding albums and recordings. I especially enjoyed this one because I grew up hearing so much of what went on the album. I have a personal story for each of the songs we covered. ”

Flashback wedding album

1. Will never give up on yourself (with just three) – 3:58
2. Take on me – 3:07
3. Head over heels – 3:58
4. I want it this way – 3:19
5. Total Eclipse of the Heart (with just three) – 4:37
6. Kiss me – 2:56
7. True – 4:58
8. Rush Rush – 3:17
9. Higher Love – 3:18
10. 2 Become 1 – 3:11
11. Bad game – 3:25
12. I will always love you – 4:46

The quartet’s song selection, which includes two songs with the Simply Three string trio (Zack Clark, Nicholas Villalobos and Glen McDaniel), is perfect for any time of your special day. The band thought of everything from walking down the aisle and the entrance to the reception to the first dance and sending out the sparkler. VSQ violinist Zeger says her personal favorite wedding moment is performing songs while a bride is walking to the altar.

“This music is perfect for walking the altar because of the decades-old tradition of string quartets playing wedding ceremonies,” she says. “I’ve played string quartets at wedding ceremonies and cocktail lessons since I was a little girl.

If Bridgerton inspired your dress, ceremonial style, or even your color scheme, this album is the perfect pairing for any couple looking to the Duke and Duchess of Hastings in their wedding planning. Mixing up some historical drama strings with a modern twist just made sense for the show, so it’s no surprise that the group’s music is popular for weddings as well.

Courtesy of the Vitamin String Quartet

“VSQ music has always been perfect for TV shows, commercials, and movies because the string quartet is basically the oldest ‘band’ around, and when you have that band you play some of the coolest songs ever written , you get something timeless, “says Zeger to Brides. “It’s perfect for the time the show is running. Bridgerton’s success isn’t a big surprise either, as it’s sexy, fun, and feel-good TV!”

And they are already thinking ahead. Curtiss teased new music on the hit show’s highly anticipated second season. “It was really affirming and nice to see how the songs we recorded were so wonderfully used in a completely different medium and in a completely different setting,” he says of the first season. “As for the second season of Bridgerton, we’ll see what surprises we all have in store for you.” We can hardly wait.

Vitamin String Quartet’s “Our Flashback Wedding” will be available on Spotify starting June 4th.


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