Donald Trump may no longer be president, but he still makes Jimmy Kimmel laugh. On yesterday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the late-night host couldn’t resist mocking the former president who crashed a wedding in Mar-a-Lago over the weekend and gave a full speech about Joe Biden and his Voice scolded counting, then he delivered a line about the “big and beautiful couple”.

“One of his friends, a Slash Club member, got married in Mar-a-Lago on Saturday and the former president had a few nice words for the newlyweds,” Kimmel said on The Daily Beast. After showing his audience a clip of Trump’s nonsensical ramblings that contained ranting about Iran, China and “Flash News”, Kimmel added, “You know what? I said the same thing at my brother’s wedding. It was word for word. “

As Trump continued his eloquent speech, Kimmel focused not only on the former POTUS but also on the band behind him who had no choice but to sit and listen as Trump asked the crowd if they “still miss him” . “Watch the band behind him as he keeps telling us how great he was,” said Kimmel. “They say, ‘Can we just play’ Dancing Queen ‘and get out of here?'”

Kimmel, who looked back on his own past as a wedding DJ in college, admitted that he had “seen some weird toasts” but “never seen one like this”. And as the host pointed out, Trump is known to be sober. “How do you bring out a drunken wedding toast when you don’t even drink?” Asked Kimmel in disbelief.

After a final clip of Trump’s wedding speech, in which he finally turned to the couple, Kimmel said to his audience: “He’s doing this now. He babbles at weddings. He is complaining. Whenever someone plays the song ‘YMCA’, they magically appear like Beetlejuice. So he ended the speech by instructing the guests to forcibly storm the buffet table. “

Check out Kimmel’s full monologue from last night in the video above. If you want to jump straight to the Trump wedding speech segment, it starts at the 6:00 minute mark.

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