Getting married is or should be a joyful event, but planning the actual wedding can be a challenging and stressful endeavor. So many details and so much to do, often in a relatively short amount of time. You may have family and friends who can help, but another source to turn to is your kind Amazon Echo.

Alexa offers a variety of skills that can help you manage your wedding plans. Open the Alexa app and tap More> Skills & Games, then tap the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner. Type “wedding” or “wedding planning” into the search box and a variety of skills will pop up. Here are 10 skills that you should try.

Wedding tips

Say “Alexa, open Mike Staff’s wedding tips.” Alexa responds with a single tap. You will hear tips such as “Consider recording a video at your wedding. 92% of married couples regret not having a video of their wedding day “or” Choose a wedding DJ that suits your personality and style “and” Consider having a second wedding photographer to make sure every important moment is captured . “

Wedding hacks

Wedding hacks

Say “Alexa, open Wedding Hacks”. You can also say “Alexa, ask Wedding Hacks to give me wedding tips” or “Ask Wedding Hacks to give me wedding tips”. In response, Alexa offers a tip that can save you money and time on your wedding planning.

Alexa gives tips such as “Borrowing brides, mother’s bracelet or grandmother’s necklace is a sentimental touch and saves the cost of wedding accessories” and “Leftover wedding desserts are often wasted. Ask your caterer to send any remaining goodies back to your bridal suite for a late night snack. “

Wedding engagement facts

Engagement facts

Say “Alexa, open wedding facts.” Alexa offers a few interesting facts about the engagement time, such as “Traditionally, the wedding ring is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. This is because the vein in that finger goes straight to the wearer’s heart. ”And“ The average couple planning a wedding can spend as little as $ 30,000 and up on their wedding details. ”

Wedding planner

Wedding planner

With the Wedding Planner Skill, you can easily ask Alexa wedding questions without specifying the name of the skill. For example, say, “Alexa, find a wedding photographer in Boston, Massachusetts,” “Alexa, find a wedding venue in San Francisco,” “Alexa, find a wedding cake bakery in Brooklyn,” or “Alexa, find a wedding planner in Honolulu.”

Before the knot

in front of the knot

Before planning a wedding, it is important to discuss how you, as a married couple, will deal with certain questions and decisions. In front of the node, you can say “Alexa, ask wedding themes to propose a topic” or “Alexa, ask wedding themes to ask us a question”. In response, Alexa asks central questions such as “How many children do we want?” And “How are the finances being handled?”

Wedding countdown

Wedding countdown

The Wedding Countdown ability helps you keep track of the time before the big day. At the beginning say: “Alexa, please set the wedding countdown, my wedding date to” [date of wedding]. ”As you approach the event, you can say,“ Alexa, ask wedding countdown how many days are until my wedding ”.

Ask the planner: wedding tips in no time

ask the planner

With the Ask the Planner Skill: Wedding Tips In A Flash, listen to a wedding tip as part of your daily Alexa Flash briefing. Go to the screen for that skill and tap Activate to add this skill to your Flash briefing. You can manage your Flash Briefing by tapping Settings> Manage Flash Briefings. You can then access the Ask the Planner tips and any other skills in the briefing by saying, “Alexa, play my flash briefing”.

Daily wedding tips

daily wedding tips

Daily Wedding Tips works its way through your Flash briefing, offering tips from a wedding photographer on topics like planning a wedding budget and what to expect from a wedding photographer. Add this skill to your Flash briefing by tapping the enable it to use button. Manage your Flash Briefing at Settings> Manage Flash Briefings, then say, “Alexa, play my Flash briefing.”

Learn to love

daily wedding tips

Learning to Love is accessible through your Flash briefing but is more focused on advice for your romantic relationship. You can add this to your Flash briefing by tapping Enable for Use, then tap. walk Settings> Manage Flash Briefings manage what skills are included. Say “Alexa, play my flash briefing” for advice from a relationship expert.

wedding party

Bridal shower

Bridal Bash is a game that people can play with the bride while showering, bachelorette party, or wedding reception. When between two and four teams are playing, Alexa asks each team a question about the bride and someone from each team has to answer. The bride then tells Alexa if the answer was correct. Alexa keeps the score and eventually declares a winner.

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