“We said ‘survive and thrive’, ‘just get through this’, and we’re almost at the flourish part.”

WALLINGFORD, Connecticut – Todd Powers was the life of the party, bringing dance and music to weddings for the past 29 years, and then the pandemic hit.

In just one year, Todd had to cancel 130 weddings, which was mentally and financially stressful for his Jock in the Box business.

“You don’t know what you have until you lose it, and I lost it for a year,” Powers said. “I’d never heard of a pandemic before, to be honest. Honestly, my first thought was those poor brides and grooms. It was hard.”

After suffering the biggest financial blow of his career in March 2020, Powers virtually met with DJs from across the country to find out how to live stream their sets and win back some of what was lost, even a tiny one Sliver of the financial pie. “You had to get really creative to entertain people”.

For much of the pandemic, weddings that were still in progress were conducted under strict COVID guidelines, including no dance floors or dancing.

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The wedding week continues on @ FOX61News! Today we bring you the story of a longtime DJ who reinvented his passion for music and the industry during the pandemic! Join us! pic.twitter.com/ijfH9DETYE

– Lauren Zenzie (@LaurenZenzieTV) May 25, 2021

Powers and his DJ pals have come up with a DJ machine that comes with tech-savvy equipment and a large flat screen TV on the front to add visual elements to a wedding, including congratulations for the newlyweds and music videos of what’s in Play Powers’ Set. Powers said this was a great way to keep the crowd entertained without ever leaving their seat.

“We said survive and thrive, just get this through, and we’re almost on the thrive part,” Powers said.

We were all locked in our homes during the pandemic, and Powers said, “We know that on the other side, people want to party. We’re going to have the Roaring 2020’s and people just want to party and celebrate. We survived. We lost a lot of people, which is so sad, but if you got through it, congratulations. “

Todd, along with countless other wedding providers, is entering the busiest year of their career! The vendors are thrilled that after a year of trials, difficulties, and reinventing the COVID wedding wheel, they can finally do what they love to do again!

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