Intersessions is a series of DJ workshops founded by musician and Twitter queen Chippy Nonstop and Rhi Blossom from School of Doodle. After appointments in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, it comes to New York on June 24th and takes place in Bushwick’s “digital arts Collaboratory” POWRPLNT. Instructors include some of New York’s finest, including DJ and photographer Brianaajayy, hip-hop DJ Chiinky, DJ and singer Amrit, HD producer and Discwoman co-founder Scope, and Vancouver’s own Shy Daughter. Attendees will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with Serato, CDJs, and vinyl in a safe, community-oriented space.

“DJing has long been a male-dominated boys’ club,” said the Intersessions press release. “The non-male representation on the bill has become necessary in every genre of music. As part of this mandate, we have determined that these underrepresented groups have more opportunities for the grassroots to participate in music production and presentation. We look forward to bringing up those who have been excluded by giving them the opportunity to learn from and connect with strong, successful women / non-binary artists and mentors in the music industry. ”

You can register here and for more information visit the Facebook event.


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