“I think the more I make music, the more I’ll do for the world. It’s like karma to me.”

DJ Kary Arora embodies female empowerment almost effortlessly. As India’s first female DJ, Kary has dominated the desi club scene for almost two decades.

The very talented DJ is also the fifth female music composer in Bollywood. Her newly released track ‘Sanware Ki Dhun’ has a chilled-out sound with 90s techno beats. The song is about looking for your love in unexpected places.

The music video is produced by Rachelle Leocadio, the music composed and sung by Kary Arora, the lyrics by Pooja and the direction by Danny Leocadio.

In an exclusive gupshup, DESIblitz chats with DJ Kary Arora about her inspiration behind ‘Sanware ki Dhun’ and her journey to DJing in India.

DJ Kary Arora tells us how she ventured into music composition, from writing lyrics, rapping, singing and making a name for herself in the Indian music and film industry at an early age.

Tell us how you got into music?

I make mixtapes for friends. [I] leaned towards DJing equipment, but in 1997 there were no DJing schools to learn from so I got a job as a DJ / worker with the Adarsh ​​Sound & Light Company.

From there I learned the signal flow of DJ equipment and how to mix songs. Then I got a job as a resident DJ, from then on I started teaching myself to DJ in a year.

It’s not the obvious career choice for a woman. How did your family take it? Are you supportive?

What does talent have to do with gender? My parents were very concerned at first. I took them to the club I worked at and assured them that I am under security and that the hotel management will take care of me so they have been fine ever since.

Yes, my parents support me a lot and are proud, without their blessing I won’t do anything in life.

Can you play any instruments Have you completed formal training in music?

I play keyboards. I learned to play the keyboard from Shri Ravi Prakash (grandson of Shri Khemchand Prakash, the famous music composer who gave Lata Mangeshkar her first song ‘Ayega Aane Wala’ in the movie Mahal).

I studied audio engineering at SAE Chennai. For DJing, it is helpful to have a thorough understanding of music buttons and dials, but most DJs only focus on beat matching.

How has the DJ scene changed in India?

Drastically since 1997. In 20 years I have seen girls take up this profession in India. The DJ equipment has definitely changed.

“The only thing that kills me is piracy. Songs no longer have any financial value as they did in the days of cassettes, vinyl or CDs. “

I remember collecting music was a passion back then, but since it’s readily available, the thrill of having the song and playing it before another DJ is killed.

Miraculously, copyright was passed and piracy has been controlled ever since [the] So many download sites have been banned in the past few months. I hope and appeal to everyone to support original music by buying it, not by downloading it.

What do music and singing mean to you?

Music and singing mean freedom to express myself to the world, the emotions I can evoke through music are a powerful gift. The happiness I can spread with it is my satisfaction.

I think the more I make music, the more I will do for the world. It’s like karma to me.

DJ Kary Arora talks about new music video

What is it like to be a female DJ in India? Did you have any problems, let’s say men?

From 1997-2006 I certainly had stalkers. People hadn’t seen female DJs that often back then, but it’s a cool thing now.

What makes your music video “Sanware Ki Dhun” different?

‘Sanware Ki Dhun’ is a song for Lord Krishna. My song is different because of its lyrics and music.

“The feel of the music is R&B while the lyrics are about a woman looking for love. It has this modern approach to it. Nothing traditional. “

The song is about finding your loved one and finding him / her in unexpected places. How did you want to translate that into a music video?

When we are looking for love and cannot find it, we are basically going from one obstacle to another, like from one place to another, like from one feeling to another.

Women have complex minds when they focus on something they cannot find. All of this was shown in a very relaxed way of a traveler in search of love in my music video.

What was it like working with director Danny Leocadio?

Danny is like another mother’s brother. If he said I would sit I would sit down, if he said stand and walk I would do it. I trust his skills at this level.

He is one of my team members in my production house. A very well-made man who knows my mood swings and also deals with me. So the work on my music video went flawlessly.

DJ Kary Arora talks about new music video

What do you do to chill and relax?

Watching movies, writing poetry, walking on the beach, I love being in my own company.

What are your favorite desi dishes?

Make Haath Se Bani Ghee Shakar Wali Roti. I’m not a foodie, although I like cakes and fish a lot.

What message would you give to young girls who are inspired by your work?

Learn music before you learn to DJ. Do your research and read the song by the artist you want to play. Do not give up. Don’t follow the trend.

Check out Kary Arora’s new music video ‘Sanware Ki Dhun’ below:


DJ Kary Arora is certainly a role model for young girls everywhere. From a DJ career as an Indian to her mark in the thriving music industry, she proves that gender doesn’t have to hold you back.

We hope that DJ Kary Arora continues to empower women through her music and singing.

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