Send one of these out with your mix or single.

Welcome to the second part of Marketing Tips for DJs and Producers. If you didn’t understand our first post, check it out here, it’s all about brand identity.

Now that you’ve created great music and have a strong brand identity (logos, website, social networks, etc), it’s time to work on getting noticed. It’s not easy, even if your music is great, you still need music press coverage and blog coverage to take it to the next level. We receive hundreds of emails every day from public relations firms and individuals, most of which we just can’t read because we don’t have time. Every other press office (or blog) has the same problem, too many people call them about a post.


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So what are you doing? You can hire a PR rep and hope they have good relationships to get you digital ink, advertise, or disturb. All have their merits; It just depends on how much time and money you have, and that assumes that your music is strong enough to get any attention in the first place. So if you have positive feedback from DJs and listeners on your social networks it is worth moving on, otherwise focus on getting your music where it needs to be first. If you send shitty music to people, they’ll never take you seriously again.


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So let’s talk about being disruptive, what does that even mean? It means doing something that shakes things up and sets you apart from the herd of “cut and paste” press releases.

This idea is free, you are welcome.

Create a disruptive PR strategy – With a little brainstorming and creativity, you will be surprised at what you can come up with on your own. Don’t be afraid to think too big, PR doesn’t exist.

You will need a different tactic, one that takes an alternative route to the traditional press releases that hardly anyone in our industry reads. So try something like this and tweak the concept to make it your own. The point is to be creative here as this will grab the attention of the editors / writers every time.

Find the mailing addresses of five or six of your favorite sites and send something to the editor-in-chief via FedEx or UPS to have them sign. Find out her name, don’t just send it to EIC and hope for the best. Use Linkedin to track them down, it’s not that hard.

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Do something strange in this box, so strange that any editor who opens the box is listening out of curiosity, if at all.

Marketing Tips for DJs and Producers: Create a Disruptive PR Strategy Cassette

Go out and buy some old cassette players and get your track on tape old-school style. Then find some cool retro candy and create a cool little experience for the person who is listening. Maybe a selection of pixie sticks and a couple of JOLT colas. Sugar high and a cassette, yeah that’ll probably work. We’ll be your guinea pigs, address below.

Magnetic magazine
Attn: Disruptive PR 8354 Northfield Blvd, Bldg G, Suite 3700 Denver, CO 80238

Every editor likes to get something thoughtful and creative. Much luck!

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DJ Marketing 101 is an on-going series presented by SoStereo and Magnetic to help aspiring DJs / producers market themselves and build a successful brand in today’s crowded music market.

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