e is one of the most popular DJs in the world, but Jonas Blue says the pressures of the job make it difficult for him to find a girlfriend.

The Essex newcomer stormed the scene in 2015 with his remix of Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car and is currently one of the most streamed DJs in the world. But he told the Standard, “I’m single and the lifestyle is definitely taking its toll on this side of your life. It is definitely hard to have relationships.

“When your life is moving this fast, people generally want answers on messenger apps and sometimes I don’t get in touch with people for two or three weeks. It’s mainly how busy my life is, but I do my best. I would like to find someone. “

Real name DJ Guy Robin was speaking in Ibiza when he threw a villa party to celebrate his new album Electronic Nature, his 28th birthday and to launch EE’s new Apple Music customer offering. He said, “I have my close friends and my team who were all with me before things got crazy.

Hectic lifestyle: Jonas Blue on the Isle of MTV Malta stage / Anthony Harvey / Getty

“But in general I think I’m good at judging characters – you have to be a DJ to read the crowd and understand their mood. You can use it to talk a lot of people out of it. I see it that way. “

The star said he had just bought himself a house in Essex but cautioned other potential DJs not to go into the industry for the money.

He said, “I was never there for the money. It’s about passion for music. I’ve been working since I was 11 and when it broke for me at 26 I was working with virtually no money.


“Your focus cannot be on money. It will take many, many years to see any returns in the industry today. You just have to work harder than everyone else. “

Blues Party today included Game Of Thrones star Kit Harington, boxer David Haye and former Saturdays singer Vanessa White.

EE recently announced a new customer offering that gives all monthly paying mobile customers six months of free Apple Music access and also introduces inclusive mobile streaming at ee.co.uk/AppleMusic.


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