A wedding DJ from central Pennsylvania who pleaded guilty to the murder of schoolteacher Christy Mirack in 1992 two years ago changes his story: he is innocent, he says.

Lancaster’s Raymond Rowe – aka DJ Freez – pleaded guilty to first degree murder in 2019 and received a life sentence of 60 to 120 years without parole.

The 52-year-old wedding DJ’s lawyers filed documents pleading his innocence last week, demanding new DNA tests in the murder case.

Rowe previously said that after the state filed for the death penalty, he “had no choice but to plead guilty”.

Last week Rowe told Lancaster County Judge Dennis Reinaker that he lied when he pleaded guilty. WGAL reports.

The DJ went on to testify that although he had amicable relationships with then 25-year-old Mirack after meeting at a downtown Lancaster club, the point of sale said he was killed by someone else later that day.

Rowe’s attorneys have filed three motions: a motion for a judicial assistance law after conviction, a motion for new forensic DNA testing, and a motion for discovery LocalNews21.

His new legal team is asking for seven points to be tested or retested:

  • A cutting board near Mirack. found
  • A toaster that would have been near the cutting board
  • Miracks 12 brown pants
  • Mirack’s sweater
  • Mirack’s undershirt
  • The door / doorknobs
  • Follow-up examination of vaginal swabs

The Lancaster County prosecutor said Rowe’s testimony that he was with Mirack on the morning of her murder contradicts his testimony during his arrest.

The prosecutor also said there was no new information from DNA testing that already linked Rowe to the crime.

Rowe has to be back in court next Wednesday at 1:30 p.m.

For background information on the death of Miracks from the Lancaster Prosecutor’s Office, click here.

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