‘Play’ may not be an option right now, but there’s no reason you can’t hang up at home and maybe even stream a set or two. And if it’s your first time getting behind the decks, the good news is that Serato lets you download Serato Play DJ software free all of May.

Serato Play offers a “full-featured option for DJing with just your laptop”, allowing you to mix tracks and use EQ, effects and filters. In addition, there is the obligatory crossfader, pitch and gain controls and the extremely important sync function. In addition to mixing with your own tracks, you can also use streamed music from Tidal and Soundcloud.

If you want to control tracks in your headphones but don’t have a suitable audio interface, you can do so with a headphone splitter cable that splits the audio between the cue and master.

“We felt that Serato Play’s free gifting in May would give our community something fun and useful to learn,” said Young Ly, Serato CEO.

“With that in mind, we recently launched Keepingbusy.serato.com to do just that. It’s all about inspirational content, guides, epic offers, freebies, and more to help you get through. “

Serato Play will be free until the end of May, after which time the price will drop back to $ 29. It is available for PC and Mac from the Serato website.


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